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Three Things To Consider As Follower's of Christ As Florence Approaches.

As this storm continues to approach many are worried. Rightfully so. But as followers of Christ, we must take comfort in the Word of God. As followers of Jesus, I want to give you three things to consider as this storm approaches:

1. Be concerned. Not worried.
      Believe it or not, there is a difference. Worry is to torment yourself with cares, anxieties and disturbing thoughts (, while concern is is to take interest into the things that effect you, but does not interfere with one's peace of mind. With this hurricane approaching I would like to encourage you to be concerned but not worried.

   Jesus instructs His followers to not worry. He states in Matthew 6:25 "do not be anxious about your life." Why would Jesus give us such a statement?

1. Jesus instructs us that if the Father takes care of the birds of the air and lilies of the field, how much more so will the Father take care of us. (Matt. 6:26-28)

2. Jesus instructs us not to worry because it …

What To Do As The Storm Clouds Rise

Luke records a time when the disciples and Jesus were making their way across a lake in 8:22-25. At some point a "windstorm" come up and the boat was "filling with water" and they recognized that they "were in danger." (8:23) What did the disciples do? They woke up Jesus. When Jesus woke up He "rebuked the wind and the raging waves"; "there was a calm." (8:24)

    What Jesus said next is heart gripping. Jesus asked them, "Where is your faith?" These are men who had witnessed Christ heal a centurion's servant, raise a widow's son, restore a withered man's hand, heal a paralytic, cleanse a leper and do many other things before this "windstorm" come up. There is a "windstorm" approaching our home on the east coast, what do we do?

1. Call on Jesus.
    Prayer should be every Christians first reaction to such an event that we face in the coming days. Why? Jesus has all authority. Even has auth…

The Significance of Prayer & Meditating on God's Word.

I once heard John Piper say that everyone should have people in their life that minister's to them or mentor's them. Someone who is alive and someone who has passed that has lived the faith. A mentor does not necessarily mean you know them. You can read their material or listen to their podcast these days. I have been reading this autobiography on George Muller. If you have never read anything on him you should. He was born in September 27th, 1805 in Prussia. His life makes for a fantastic read and has ministered to me in many ways.

   One of those ways is his dedication to prayer and meditation on the Word of God. For the longest time, at least ten years, I have woke very early every morning to meditate on God's Word and pray. So nothing I read in regard to this was new, but it deepened my zeal and enthusiasm to stick to my so-called routine. Here is what Muller said in his journal:

"It often astonishes me that I did not see the importance of meditation upon Scri…