The Work of The Spirit: Guiding us to truth.

      We are continuing to look at why the Spirit has come into the world and why it was to our advantage that Jesus be absent (John 16:7). Jesus said in John 16:13, "When the Spirit of truth comes, he will guide you into all the truth, for he will not speak on his own authority, but whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come." I want to make one initial point here: The Holy Spirit, the Spirit of God, is a Spirit of truthfulness. Meaning that the Spirit can only deal with what is authentic, genuine, real, honest and obviously true and what is accurate. In other words, the Holy Spirit cannot nor does He lie. He cannot. The Spirit cannot even give the smallest misrepresentation to anything! The Spirit of God can be trusted! That is a major point considering why He has come into the world and considering that many in the world today have difficulty trusting anything that is in the Word of God, and is important for the remainder of this verse.

    At the time that Jesus was speaking the Holy Spirit had not yet come into the world, but Jesus said that when the Spirit did and the Spirit has, He would "guide you into all the truth". The Holy Spirit came into the world on a day called Pentecost in Acts 2, what a day that was, and He has come to do one thing - guide us. To guide means to be lead through unfamiliar territory until you reach a certain destination. Perhaps if you are on a guided tour the tour guide will point our some important facts along the way. That is how I think of the Spirit here. It makes sense to me to say that the Spirit, who is the Spirit of truth, has come into the world to be a continual presence through unfamiliar territory guiding us, leading us, helping us and assisting us along the way until we reach our destination.

    What destination is that? Where is the Spirit guiding us too? The Spirit is guiding us "into all the truth". Here is a good time to define what that truth is - Jesus Christ. It is to our advantage that Christ be absent and the Spirit be present in order that the world can be guided to the truth divinity regarding Jesus, namely, that He is the Son of God. So then, the Spirit of truth has come to be a continual presence in the world guide people through unfamiliar territory, helping us and leading us to a certain destination which is the truth that Jesus is the Christ.

     Why do I say unfamiliar territory when describing the Spirit leading us to Jesus? I say that due to the fact that we come into this world unrighteous, thus Jesus is naturally unknown to us. We do not come into this world believing in God or followers of Jesus. We come into this world lovers of self and seeking self-pleasure rather than seeking God. Therefore, Jesus and the righteousness of God is unfamiliar territory to each one of us.

     Naturally we are children of the world and not of God. For that reason there must be something to open our eyes to our need for Christ, that something is a someone and He is the Spirit. No one can come to grips how a Holy and Blameless God can give up His only Son for the sins of the entire world without the world of the Spirit. The Word of God teaches that we cannot come to understand that Jesus is Lord, the depths of God, things freely given to us by God and spiritual truths without the Spirit ( 1 Corinthians 2:6-16). The cross is foolishness without the work of the Spirit in someone's life.

   How do we trust the Spirit to guide us correctly? Jesus would answer that question like this - "he will not speak on his own authority". In other words, we can trust the Spirit because He has come into the world and cannot speak on his own. He cannot speak from self-motive. In fact, Jesus continued to say, "whatever he hears he will speak, and he will declare to you the things that are to come." Thus, Spirit cannot speak or declare anything He does not hear.

    Who declares to Him what to say? One answer - God the Father. The Holy Spirit can only speak and declare what He hears from the Father. The same is true with Jesus. According to Jesus' own words in John 15:15, He could say nothing to the disciples He had not heard from the Father. For this reason, we can trust the Spirit to guide us correctly because He cannot act outside the Father's will. If He did, He would be like the rest of humanity - disobedient, which is sin. But remember, He is the Spirit of truth and cannot lie.

    If you can believe in the existence of God, then, you can believe in the Holy Spirit. To disbelieve in the Holy Spirit is to deny the existence of God. Just like to deny Jesus is the Son of God is to deny God. Therefore, trust the Holy Spirit and trust that He will guide you to what is right. And if you have a lost loved one or friend, pray that the Spirit will lead them to Jesus and that the Spirit will use you in that persons life along the way.


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