The Secret To David's Success

   David was the second king of Israel, succeeding Saul. If you are familiar with his life you know that there was never a king like David. He was a man who was wholly devoted to God and who loved God. And if you know him, you would know that he was very successful in battle, but why?

   The secret to David's victories and successes was not his wit, his ability, his power or his strength. David was not victorious in the defeat of his enemies because of the 120,000 plus men he had at his side. The reason David was victorious and successful in all that he did was God.

  God was the secret to David's success. God is the One who gave David his victories. 1 Chronicles 18:6 & 13 states, "And the LORD gave victory to David wherever he went." It was God who gave David victory and it is God who gives man victory. It is God who gives me victory. It is God who gives you victory. Victory over your battles lie in the hands of God and God alone.

   It mattered not where David went. David had victory in the territory of the Philistines, Moab and Syria; each place God permitted David success. To that point it does not matter where I am or you are right now, if you are fighting a battle, He gives victory to whomever and wherever He pleases. He is not limited to geography.

   There was a reason that God permitted David victory. As mentioned earlier, David had a heart for God. David kept God's commandments and followed God with all his heart, doing only what was right in the eyes of God (1Kings 14:8). And as long as our heart belongs to the LORD, we keep His commands and we follow God with all our heart, we too can know victory, as David did. Victory belongs to those who have devoted their heart to God, who love God and follow God. So keep your head up child of God as you go through battles in this life, God is with you and He is for you.


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