How Do We Have Peace With God?

"Therefore, since we have been justified by faith, we have peace with God through our Lord Jesus Christ." - Romans 5:1

  In the recent post I told you that in order to be made innocent in the sight of God one must be fully convinced that God was able to raise from the dead Jesus our Lord. That is faith. Now, what is the result of being "justified by faith"

  Paul stated, "we have peace with God". When you become fully convinced that God raised Christ from the dead and that Jesus is the Son of God you are made innocent, and the result of that is 'peace with God'. So, consequently, faith in Jesus is the very thing you must have in order to have "peace with God".

  Why do you need "peace with God"? The answer is that we are not at peace with God in our flesh, we are at war. The Bible declares in Ephesians 2 and Colossians 1 that because of the presence of sin in our lives we are enemies of God. Hence we are not naturally at peace with the One who created us. We are separated and hostile towards Him.  

  The absence of "peace with God" is the reason so many are not at peace with or within themselves. Paul is not speaking of world peace, as so many are fighting for, he is speaking of peace within your soul, and that is what so many are searching for. They are searching in all the wrong places. Not looking above. I am convinced that if someone is absent of peace in their soul they are absent of a relationship with God.

  How do you have "peace with God"? Paul declares that the only way to have "peace with God" is "through our Lord Jesus Christ". Jesus is the means by which you and I can have peace with the Creator. Jesus is the instrument God used to bring peace between He and ourselves. This means that there is no other way to obtain such peace. This is what distinguishes Christianity from other world religions. The Pope, Muhammad, Buddha, Scientology nor a Pastor can bring you peace with the God the Father. Without Christ no peace with God could be had. 



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